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headshot of Angie Mykel, smiling at the viewer

Meet Angie Mykel, our peerless leader is a woman of many and extraordinary talents. From the get-go she had a special destiny, given she was named after the famed Rolling Stones song. Before she came to KWGS, Angie had established herself as a turnaround specialist, a corporate commando who comes on board to rework and fine-tune a company so it functions at its highest level. For us, it was her brilliant track record and almost supernatural ability, like the director of blockbuster films, to hire the best people and then have the confidence to simply let them do their jobs. It’s an exceptionally difficult and rare management style but Angie Mykel somehow makes it look rather effortless.

She also has another quality so uncommon to most CEOs that it’s practically a unicorn: her razor wit and sense of humor. Regardless of the situation, we can always look to Angie to keep us on an even keel with a quip, a quote, or a wry-defining observation that no one else saw. As the poet/philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge observed, “No mind is thoroughly well organized that is deficient in a sense of humor.” In that respect, Angie is immensely organized and inspirational since nothing ever flummoxes her.

While we are an exceptionally professional organization, it is good to know that the captain of our ship once literally managed a circus. While we would never draw parallels between us and the big top, it’s not a surprise that overseeing lions, clowns, and trapeze artists could no more fluster her than playing mother hen to several platoons of exceptional and demanding real estate practitioners. It’s all in a day’s work for Angie.

Perhaps nothing throws her because she once ran one of America’s most notoriously haunted hotels. When you’ve dealt with poltergeists then brokers just seem like pussycats. Or lions.

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headshot of Angie Mykel, smiling at the viewer