Setting Sail for a Cause: Our Yacht Rock Party for DEI Scholarship

Amidst the gentle lapping of waves and the serene hues of the setting sun, Keller Williams Greater Seattle recently hosted an unforgettable Yacht Rock Party. This wasn’t just any corporate gathering; it was a soiree with a soul, a celebration with a cause. Our goal was simple yet profound: to benefit our office’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Scholarship.

The Rationale Behind the Revelry

In recent years, our company has made significant strides in championing DEI initiatives. We recognize that a diverse office placeĀ  isn’t just a moral imperative; it’s a business strength. However, we also understand that actions speak louder than words. To put our commitment into action, we established the DEI Scholarship, aimed at supporting underrepresented individuals in our industry. The Yacht Rock Party was envisioned as a fun and engaging way to raise awareness and funds for this cause.

Yacht Rock: A Theme with a Twist

The theme of the party was “Yacht Rock,” a genre of music that conjures images of smooth sailing and carefree vibes. Our yacht was decked out in nautical elegance, with guests encouraged to don their best ’70s and ’80s yacht rock attire. Think captain’s hats, Hawaiian shirts, and pastel palettes. The soundtrack for the night was a curated mix of classics from artists like Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald, and Steely Dan.

The Anchor of the Night: The Scholarship Auction

The highlight of the evening was the scholarship auction. Items up for bid ranged from luxurious getaways to exclusive experiences, all generously donated by our partners and allies. The enthusiasm was palpable as each bid not only brought us closer to our fundraising goal but also symbolized a shared commitment to fostering diversity.

Sailing Forward

As the night drew to a close, there was a shared sense of accomplishment and hope. Together, our brokers raised over $13,000 for the DEI Scholarship. The Yacht Rock Party was more than just an evening of entertainment; it was a stepping stone towards a more inclusive and equitable future in our industry. This event was a resounding success, not just in the funds raised but in the awareness and commitment it fostered. It was a night where we collectively embraced the smooth sailing spirit of yacht rock to navigate the more turbulent waters of inequality. As we continue our journey towards diversity, equity, and inclusion, we carry with us the memories of a night that proved when we come together, we can make waves of change.