Bonnie Upham Receives the KWGS Q2 Spirit of Culture Award

Culture is the heart and soul of our office, which is why we are excited to introduce a new quarterly award that goes beyond a broker’s production! The KWGS Spirit of Culture Award recognizes brokers in our office who go above and beyond for those around them. They truly embody our culture and make the office a better place.

This month’s award winner is Bonnie Upham.

When a fellow agent was in a rough place, Bonnie came through for them without giving it a second thought. When that agent offered compensation, Bonnie refused stating that we (KWGSers) just help each other when we can!

Bonnie stands as an inspiring figure for all of us, reminding us that culture is not static. It’s a living, breathing, entity that grows, changes, and flourishes when nurtured by committed individuals.

Congratulations once again to Bonnie! Thanks for making our office a better place!